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Horse and rider...
happy together


At Sapphire Saddles we focus on the bond between horse and rider, as connected through the saddle. We strive to fit for comfort and performance, so every ride ends with smiles, satisfaction and fulfilment.

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

– Winston Churchill

Horses come in all shapes and sizes: short-backed, barrel shaped, apple-bottomed, little-to-no-withers … whether a pony or a draft-cross, saddle-fit is equally important.

Sapphire Saddles offers saddles made specifically for the hard-to-fit, but fun to ride, ponies and horses. 

And when the horse is happy, the rider is happy.

Andrea Hicks adjusting the saddle on a horse standing in a fenced field.
Icon of a horse bit.

Saddles that Work for
You and Your Horse

“We finally found our proverbial unicorn, a blue-eyed, talented, forward-moving, cheeky cob; we loved every moment spent together. But it wasn’t long before that shared joy shifted to frustration, many wasted dollars, increasing stiffness and back pain, and we were no longer enjoying our time together in the saddle. Until, after extensive research, we found a saddle maker in Great Britain up to the task of bringing both of us comfort – and returning our joy.”

Bringing Perfect Fit Saddles to North America

Backed by years of experience designing and crafting saddles for the hard-to-fit horses like the Gypsy Vanners, the cobs of all shapes and sizes, the beautiful native breeds, and even the gentle giant draft-crosses, the AH Saddle products were so inspiring and fit so well that we felt that many riders in North America could benefit from what they have to offer, and Sapphire Saddles was born.

Tailoring for Your Horse’s Unique Needs

Our saddles can be tailored to fit you and your horse. Panel length, tree shape, seat size, flap configuration and gullet width … the options are endless.

Our goal is to help you “tack up” for a perfect ride with in a saddle that delivers comfort in every stride … resulting in happy riders and horses!

Two horses wearing coats, sitting down beside each other in their paddock.

Ready to have your perfect saddle fitted?