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High quality and traditionally handmade English leather saddles.

Saddle Range

Sapphire Saddles supply high quality, traditionally handmade, English leather saddles. Our mission is to achieve an exceptional fit for the modern horse and pony, and our range of saddles is designed by Andrea Hicks of AH Saddles Ltd. in Great Britain, who has specialized in difficult-to-fit breeds for over twenty years.

Skillfully Crafted

Creating an exceptional saddle demands great care in the selection of materials and components, and skilful craftsmanship in its construction.

Fundamental to the correct fit of a saddle is the design of the tree, which must follow the shape of a horse’s back. A carefully designed range of tree shapes, specific to the needs of wider, shorter, and sometimes flatter-backed native breeds, underpins the AH designs.

Close up, top-down view of a black leather saddle by Andrea Hicks.
Close up side profile of a black leather saddle by Andrea Hicks.

We combine this with panels that are predominantly close contact, providing better stability on wider breeds and allowing the rider a softer connection with the horse. The panels are wool-flocked: a sustainable material allowing adjustability and comfort for both you and your horse while providing natural shock absorption. Each saddle is fitted with a four-strap girthing system to further aid in the achievement of the perfect fit.

Side profile of a brown leather saddle by Andrea Hicks.

We welcome you to explore our full range of saddles:
pony, jumping, dressage, working hunter and show.

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Our Saddles

Brown leather jumping saddle.

Jumping Saddles

Black leather dressage saddle.

Dressage Saddles

Brown leather general purpose saddle.

General Purpose Saddles

Brown leather pony saddle.

Pony Saddles

Brown leather working hunter saddle.

Working Hunter Saddles

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